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What's a Visual Design Thinking tool?
You probably know the Business Model Canvas. What you probably don't know is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of tools like that to make work easy. They come with different names like 'canvas', 'worksheet', 'template', etc.
Can I use the tools on Canvas Generation?
Not exactly. Tools shared on Canvas Generation can be used by any platform or application that uses the Canvas API and integrates with Canvas Generation. We are not a productivity or whiteboard tool.
What can visitors find on Canvas Generation?
All canvases created by Wedesignthinking and a selection of canvases made by others with a Creative Commons license that allows sharing. That means people can see the tools, read information, learn from tutorials and find out more about the creator. .
How many tools are available?
Canvas Generation currently has about 130 canvases. We continue to create, improve and translate our own Wedesignthinking canvases. Besides us, canvases created by friends and pioneers with a Creative Commons license that allows sharing are available. We strive to put their work in the spotlight under their terms.
Can I use these tools for commercial projects?
About 99% of the canvases (rough guess 😉) have a license that allows you to use it in both personal and commercial projects. Just check a canvas page and you'll immediately see if you can use it by looking at the red or green labels called 'personal' and 'commercial'. Scroll down to learn more about licenses and terms. And remember, credit to whom credit is due.
Do I need to attribute the creator when using a canvas?
Proper attribution is always encouraged and almost always required. When a creator asks you to, for example by having a license such as the Creative Commons Attribution-Share alike license applied to their work, please respect this. Don't be a d*ck. There's no need to attribute Canvas Generation in any way.
Can I schedule a meeting?
Sure! Nothing beats a realtime meeting and getting to know fellow visual design thinkers.

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Why would I build an integration?
When you are the owner or developer of a whiteboard application, integrating with Canvas Generation makes a lot of sense. Collaborating with tools isn't the same game as sharing and maintaining tools. An integration means your application will be easier to develop and maintain. It also makes your application more powerful with immediate access to our tool library.
How do I integrate Canvas Generation into my app?
The Canvas API documentation explains how to search, get and use tools. What you build around it is totally up to you.
I have built an integration. Can you showcase our application?
Yes! That's the whole point. Canvases are important, but it's what you do with them that really matters. Developers like you enable people to use the tools in ways we never thought were possible. Contact us, let's take a look together and see how we can give you the spotlight you deserve!
Can I schedule a meeting?
Sure! Nothing beats a realtime meeting and getting to know fellow visual design thinkers.

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