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Blue Ocean PMS Canvas

Blue Ocean PMS Canvas


This canvas helps you to visualize whether you have a balanced set of products/services that provides cashflow today and assures profitable grow tomorrow.This canvas helps you to visualize whether you have a balanced set of products/services that p

The PMS (Pioneer – Migrator – Settler) Canvas is a strategic tool that helps you visually analyse your current products/services portfolio compared with industry and/or competition. It allows you to establish which of your products/services have potential to grow in the long term and which will probably decline.

Remark: this canvas will add even more value if you are able to add (possible) competition which results in a more complete picture.


The PMS Map (pioneer, migrator, settler) helps to analyse companies products/services portfolio and reveals the growth potential of existing and planned products and services. The basic idea is to plot your company’s products/services into the pioneer, migrator or settler areas. Existing products/services in the left column, “today” and future products/services into the right column, “tomorrow”. This canvas then visualizes the growth trajectory of your business in a way that revenue, profit, market share and customer satisfaction cannot.


A ‘pioneer’ is a product or service that offers an unprecedented customer value and stands out from the competition because the customer value proposition is way ahead competition. As a result it has attracted a mass following of customers. A pioneer product yields substantial profitable growth and it is most likely a Blue Ocean offering.


A ‘settler’ is at the other extreme, a ‘me too’ offering. This does not mean that the products/services are not profitable. In fact many cash cows are well-established ‘settlers’. Settler products/services however generally do not offer much future growth potential and are stuck within the Red Ocean.


The potential of ‘migrator’ products or services is somewhere in between. It may be a leading product in its category now and offers customer value that exceeds close competitors. However it doesn’t offer innovative value and is vulnerable to disruptive competition. Business offering this products/services are somewhere in between Red Oceans and Blue Oceans.

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The PMS map is a core strategic tool used in Blue Ocean Strategy. It was created by Prof. W. Chan Kim and Prof. Renee Mauborgne. Blue Ocean Strategy awards.

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Blue Ocean PMS Canvas

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