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Analytics Maturity

Analytics Maturity


Lead your business step by step to data-driven success.

The Analytics Maturity model helps you to find out:

  1. Which analytical maturity does my company, do individual departments of my organization or my customers have?
  2. Which are possible data-driven applications and their requirements for the company, the department or the customer regarding the analytical maturity level?
  3. Which are the relevant use cases to take my company, departments or customers to the next analytical level?
  4. Which analytical tools do I need for the realization of the applications?

For more information, see Data Strategy Design.

By the way, you can order a print version (DIN A0) from Stattys.

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On our website you will find a step by step tutorial.

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The Analytics Maturity template is (partially) based on the Analytics Maturity model of Gartner.

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