We feel like being part of a generation of Canvas pioneers:

The Canvas Generation.

Wedesignthinking – the company behind Canvas Generation – is specialized in Visual Thinking. We created over 100 visual thinking canvases to make our consultancy services more effective. Besides our own canvases we create canvases for clients to turn their best practices and knowledge into tools to facilitate learning, collaboration and doing.


We simply needed a place to share and showcase our own canvas library. Over the past decade we’ve had the pleasure to meet other Canvas pioneers that are sticking their necks out to create and share beautiful hands-on tools. Canvasgeneration.com also provides us the opportunity to give our fellow pioneers and friends the spotlight they deserve.

Credit to whom credit is due

All the tools on Canvas Generation are shared under a Creative Commons license. This makes it easy to see what you can and can’t do with a canvas.

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That’s it?

Not exactly. Anyone can (and in fact may) put canvases on a website and call it awesome. We are also exploring new ways to accelerate innovation through visual thinking.

The Canvas API

The first is by providing a Canvas API to enable developers to create new visual thinking innovations. Our Canvas API enables platforms and applications to always have access to the latest tools and updates.

Smart canvas localization

Secondly, in the end people are most creative in their native language. It is our experience that language barriers make thinking and speaking out loud more difficult, especially for introvert people (often with great ideas!). That’s why we’re looking for smart ways to translate canvases in order to make creative sessions more effective. This project is still in concept phase. Feel free to share ideas :).

In the end, Canvas Generation is a – somewhat idealistic – playground of Wedesignthinking. You’re more than welcome to contact us and play.